Sunday, January 19, 2014

Two sick babies

Reagan actually slept well last night (in her bean bag chair). She woke around 6:30am making a little noise and sliding down her chair. I moved her to her tomato chair and tried giving her clonidine, but it didn't do a thing. Thankfully I think she was good just being in a more supported position, so she we went back to sleep. She's actually been pretty good all day. Still very tense, lots of chorea, and not wanting to be messed with most of the day. Tonight she didn't seem to mind us being near her, but that's when the nausea started up! She's had several big throw ups and a few false alarms. Her tongue is sticking out more and you can just tell she doesn't feel well. Poor girl. I can't imagine throwing up as often as she does! Awful! Speaking of...Ryan had a huge throw up yesterday after I tried to shoot his antibiotic down his throat! Then today he's fine all day but has a fever when he wakes up from his afternoon nap (no idea what this is about)! Tonight you could tell he felt awful, the fever came back up, and he was fighting sleep! I'm praying both of my angels can sleep tonight! Get away sickies!!

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Clarissa said...

Praying your babies feel better!! Hugs!