Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sweet and talkative

Today has been a great day for my girl! She slept fairly well last night, she did wake up around 5am and stayed awake, but hey, she slept most of the day yesterday so who can blame her! She has been happy and very talkative all day! So nice to see my sweet girl's personality back! This morning she had a visit from her vision therapist and the speech therapist from the school. She did a great job! Afterwards her vision therapist and I went through a catalog picking out all kinds of switch toys she's going to order for Reagan. Apparently they have a good size budget for these things, so I'm super excited to try some of these with her (many of which I've been thinking about getting for years). After that she took a little nap and then we had just enough time to get a bath in before her OT came. She did some mat work with her for the first time in a week or so (because of the bad days last week). While she was here, Reagan's new PT came by to do an evaluation. We had to switch companies for PT because one of Reagan's PTs was going on maternity leave and she was going to be cut down to one visit a week! This will be better anyway. She really needs to work with the same person so there is some consistency to her routine and this new PT seems very excited to work with her. So it was a busy day for my girl! She has been wonderful though. Still a little nasal and spitty/chokey at times (hoping she stays healthy because we're all a little sick around here), but otherwise great! I love this girl! Praying for more wonderful days for her!

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