Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sleepless, crazy chorea, & nausea...but otherwise good!

Reagan did not sleep at all again last night! Kicking, kicking, kicking all night long (and day for that matter)! Now if it wasn't for the no sleep, crazy chorea, and nausea this afternoon/tonight...she actually would've had a pretty good day! She's been super sweet, wide eyed, and laughy today. Her hands and feet have resumed normal temperatures, but tonight she had the red ear and crazy nausea that was causing her to drip puddles of saliva from her mouth! Poor girl, she just can't catch a break! I'm really hoping the clonidine works tonight and she's able to sleep the nausea off (otherwise I'll be stick by her side all night trying to prevent her from choking herself)! Please keep it in your prayers that she's able to get the sleep that her body so desperately needs tonight! 
(Ryan update: he woke up this morning cranky, but no longer running a fever. We went back in and his ear infections have cleared thanks to the shot, but his throat still looked awful and he was still pretty they gave him a second! We have to go back Friday to have him checked one last time! Poor boy!!)


FirePhoto23 said...

I feel so bad that Reagan has been feeling so horrible lately...
Have they tried any anti-nausea meds? That is one of the worse feelings. Especially for a kid... I hope the bad days end really fast.

Reagan Leigh said...

Unfortunately Reagan's nausea does not respond to any nausea meds we've tried (Zofran, phenergan, scopolamine patch, periactin, name it)!