Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sleep at last

Reagan fell asleep last night with the help of clonidine, but she woke back up around 2am (less than 3hrs later). Thankfully she didn't seem nauseous anymore, so I was able to go back to sleep and I think she probably drifted in and out of sleep off and on until the morning. She was wide awake by 7am, still kicking around a lot, wide eyed, and a little gaggy. We decided to go ahead and try the clonidine again, hoping we could help her get some rest. She dozed off at 10:30am and has been sleeping pretty much ever since. She did wake up a couple of times but she still looked groggy and eventually dozed back off on her own! So glad my girl is finally getting some well deserved rest! Hoping good days are in our future! 

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