Monday, January 27, 2014

Pee problems & Gastric Emptying Scan

Reagan slept well last night and woke up super sweet and smiley again today! She had a gastric emptying scan done this morning. At first we weren't sure it was going to happen, as they still hadn't gotten insurance approval, but we got the call around 9:30am and had to be there by 11am. Reagan was as good as gold! She tolerated the whole procedure very well...being fed through her g-tube (even if it was just 2oz total) & being strapped down and unable to move for an hour (even though she desperately wanted to crunch up)! They took constant pictures for an hour (while she watched Brave) and then unstrapped her and sent us back into the waiting room for an hour and then came back and got us to do one quick 3min/3min set of scans. It all went well (less than 10% was left in her stomach) and we didn't have to stay for the last hour (unfortunately we never got to see the end of Brave). We left brother at home with Grandpa, saving our sanity! So Reagan had a pretty perfect day! She had an early session of OT and then a great session with her teacher this afternoon. Really the only issue we've had today is that she is still giving us grief in the pee department! She woke up with a dry diaper, never peed the whole time we were gone, we got her home and proceeded to apply pressure, heat, water, poop position you name it! She wouldn't go. Finally right before the nurse left, we decided to go ahead and try cathing her. No luck! She couldn't even get the cath in! I decided to try and help her poo (sometimes that results in a pee) and sure enough, after a good poo, she had a huge pee! The only pee of the day, but a pee nonetheless! Ugh! Not sure what she's doing in that department, but she's making me a little nervous! Tonight she was super cuddly, but slightly sensitive. Hoping for more good days to come (and really hoping that Lyrica will change things for the better)!

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