Monday, January 20, 2014

Not too bad, but still tense

Reagan had a fairly good day today...all things considered. She slept OK in her chair last night. This morning she seemed stable enough, so we attempted a much needed bath before therapies. She didn't love it, but she tolerated it well. Speech therapy came at noon and she was good for that. They were having some technical difficulties with her eyegaze device which was frustrating for her therapist, but otherwise it went pretty well. Then her OT came at 2. They resolved any issues with the device, but Reagan only tolerated being in her chair for 10-15 min, after that they just worked on some stretching! Reagan was still very tense all day, having tons of chorea (those legs were going nonstop). In the afternoon, she seemed a little more sensitive, but maybe she was just annoyed at her brother's craziness!?!? Ryan went in to the doctor today and he has an ear infection (hence the fevers). He refused to take his antibiotic in food or juice and then I couldn't get him to eat or drink anything all night! That means no Tylenol or ibuprofen either! After a luke warm bath, we put him to bed with a 102.5 fever. He woke back up less than an hour later crying, red as a lobster, with a 103.6 fever! Daddy ran to the store to get some fever all (acetaminophen suppositories). Thankfully we were able to get his fever down to 101.5 with that and he fell back to sleep. Reagan laid down in her bed for the first time in a while. Hoping she and her brother can sleep tonight!

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