Friday, January 3, 2014

Migraines, Lyrica, and poo

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning super sweet and smiley! Her fever was gone by bedtime (thanks to ibuprofen) and stayed gone all day. We were up and at 'em early so we could get to her neurology appt. They squeezed us in because of all the trouble Reagan's been having lately and as it turns out, we were his only patient (he came to the clinic just to see us)! This was great because he seemed much more attentive than previous visits...I've always thought he was a smart guy, but a little too rushed! Anyway, after going back over the symptoms of Reagan's bad days, he was certain that she's having migraines! The cyclical pattern, autonomic dysfunction, hair pulling, light and noise sensitivity, and nausea...everything fits the bill. He wants us to start her on a daily dose of Lyrica (we're weaning her up) and hopefully we can prevent her from experiencing all of these things! We definitely need some prayers in this area! No negative side effects and we need something to finally WORK for our girl!! She fell asleep on our way home and took a nice little nap. She woke up in time for speech and then OT...she was great for both! Making great eye contact and very vocal! She's still congested and occasionally grinding her teeth (like she'd did last night) and then tonight her fever did come back to 100.3. She also had three huge liquidy (blowout) diapers...not sure where that's coming from but she is getting a good clean out! But she's still just as sweet and smiley as can be so that's what's important!! Thankful for these wonderful days for our girl! 


Clarissa said...

I've wondered about Abigail having mirgraines that cause her "bad days" too, and then her last MRI a few months or so ago, said she has mild chiari (sp?) and the symptoms include severe migraines! Hmm... something I should've brought up at our last appointment with her heuro/mito doc a few days ago. :-/ Praying this'll help Reagan!

Clarissa said...

oops, neuro* and mito doc, not heuro.. lol.