Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lyrica increase

Reagan slept well last night (as far as we know). I woke up at 7am and looked at the monitor and she was wide awake and kicking around, but quiet. I'm not sure how long she had been awake. The good thing is, she was awake and not crying. The bad thing is, the second I went near her, she started freaking out! Changing her diaper was quite the challenge! I ended up with a kick square in the mouth! We tried both Lortab and clonidine neither was helping or making her the least but sleepy. She was very agitated and not calming down. I was texting palliative care (who was talking to her neuro) and we decided to go ahead and up her Lyrica dose 5 days in (instead of waiting the full 7 days). Approximately 30min later, her whole demeanor changed. She was still awake, but so much more relaxed. She stopped freaking out when her nurse would give her meds (or come near her) and she seemed to enjoy human interaction once again. I'm not sure if it was the Lyrica or not, but I sure hope so! It would be a huge answer to prayers if we had finally found something that would lessen these bad days. She was noticeably better the rest of the day. She was still stressed, having tons of chorea, but still improved. She sounded a bit gunky in her throat today. It's hard to tell if it's in her nose, throat, or lungs. Tonight she was coughing a little and either threw up or coughed up a little. I'm a little nervous about her sleeping laying down, but she really needs some time out of her chair! Please keep it in your prayers that she's able to sleep tonight and that she feels much better tomorrow! This girl needs a break!! 

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