Saturday, January 18, 2014

Half quiet, half AWFUL bad day

Reagan was very restless last night. I gave her clonidine and Mike laid down with her, but she was restless. I dozed off on the sofa and Mike dozed off with Reagan and neither of us got to bed til around 2am! Then around 6:45am I hear Reagan fussing. Mike laid down with her again, but she was not settling down. It seemed the bad days were upon us. I gave her a dose of Lortab and we put her in her chair, but she would not dose back off. She was super tense, grinding her teeth, and very restless, kicking around nonstop, but quiet (just a fuss hereand  there). But any time I came near her to give her medicine or pull her hair out if her eyes, she'd freak out and start getting irate! That continued til about 10:30am, when the real crying began! And when I say crying, I mean CRYING! Gut wrenching, hold her breath til she turned purple, in serious pain sort of crying! Neither Lortab or clonidine seemed to help today. I gave her one dose of ibuprofen that seemed to help (she fell asleep shortly thereafter), but the second time I tried it, not so much! Tonight she mellowed back out and though tense, she was quiet once more watching tennis with Daddy! I'm seeing a lot of yawns right now, so I'm hoping she's going to sleep tonight. Please keep her in your prayers!! 

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