Thursday, January 9, 2014

Go away nausea!

Last night Reagan fell asleep and we put her in her bed. She only made it til 3am or so, when I saw her kicking around. I moved her to her chair (afraid she might get nauseous laying down) and gave her a dose of Lortab hoping get her back to sleep. I think she slept for another hour or two but then I woke up to the sound of nausea! I rushed in and she had already had a small throw up. Unfortunately that little one was followed by many more big ones as the day went on. She was very tense and having lots of chorea, but not really fussy and no tears to speak of. She actually had a good session of vision therapy and her therapist brought a really cool disco ball toy that Reagan was activating via switch. As the day went on she proceeded to get more and more nauseous. The throw ups  tonight were some of the worst I've ever seen...ever! It was such a large volume...where was it all coming from?? I've been thinking about this a lot lately with regard to Reagan. I want to cry Uncle!!! (And often I just cry!) I've already begged for can she please just catch a break?!?! Why does she have to suffer like this?? WHY?!?!? I'm feeling bitter, defeated, and so sad that my girl has to go through this! We have to get to the bottom of these bad streaks AND nausea. She's got an appt with GI next Friday (a week from now) and it can't come soon enough! Please keep her in your prayers! Please pray that she will stay asleep and get some relief from this ASAP!! (And keep Ryan in your prayers as well! He spiked a fever tonight so I'm taking him in to the doctor in the morning to get tested for the flu!)


Anonymous said...

Breaks my heart…praying Reagan gets some relief! Love the pictures of your sweet girl!…meghan

Kristy said...

I love you and I am praying for you all!