Friday, January 10, 2014

Crazy chorea

Reagan didn't sleep much again last night but at least she wasn't super nauseous (last night's nausea was ridiculous)! Today she's still been nauseous, just no throw ups (which believe it it not, is improvement). She's SO tense, she seems worse today than yesterday. Her chorea has been out of control and she's been grinding her teeth and doing the tongue protrusion again (not as bad as the last time, but she's sticking it out a lot), wiping at her face nonstop! She's exhausted but can't sleep! We've tried Lortab, clonidine, and even diazepam...nothing works! I'm not sure what this means for tonight! She really needs to just doze off and let her body rest! I'm praying that somehow someway, she'll get some relief from this misery soon! (Ryan woke up with a fever again, but tested negative for both the flu and strep. He's been clingy and whiny today, but no more fever so that's good! We're trying our best to keep him away from Reagan!)

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