Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Big day tomorrow!

Today has been another great one for my girl! She slept well last night (without medication) and woke bright and early at 5am again! She was happy and talkative, so I just let her be and went back to sleep. I got up with her around 7:30, she was great, such a sweet smiley girl! Still not a huge fan of us talking around her, but otherwise perfect! She had speech and school today and did awesome with both! She has also been super snuggly and took a nice little nap as well! Tomorrow (Thursday) is a huge day for my girl two very big things are happening! The first is she's getting to trial the Tobii eyegaze system for a month! Several of her therapists will be here to learn how to use it and hopefully we'll get a good understand of what it can do! I'm sure I'll be posting a lot about this over the next month, but we're all super excited to see how this can work for Reagan! Then tomorrow afternoon at 4pm all of her doctors are meeting for a care conference! This is huge and we need lots of prayers about this! We are hoping that with all of them thinking together, they'll be able to come up with a good plan to diagnose and lessen the severity of Reagan's bad days! We seriously need lots and lots of prayers about this! These are all very intelligent people and hopefully caring people, our girl's future happiness is in their hands! Pray that they will come up with the miracle we've all been waiting for!


Anonymous said...

I hope they come up with something to get rid of all those nasty bad days forever!

Clarissa said...

Oh wow, on both big things! Looking forward to hearing more about the eyegaze (?) trial.. and a meeting between all of her docs..?? that sounds wonderful!! praying they can find solutions!