Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A little laughy but sweet

It's been a bit if a weird day for my girl. She slept OK but woke up around 4am and was talking/laughing. I think she was dozing off and on, because when I got up at 7am, she was back asleep! It was a cold day today and there was a lot of ice on the roads, so we were nurseless until noonish! Reagan was good though, so it was manageable. She's been super sweet again today! Very cuddly and still...it's nice to see her so calm! She did get a little gaggy late morning and again this afternoon. No real throw ups, but some retches and a lot of tongue action. She's also had a case of the laughs off and on today. She does it in response to stimuli, but she's also just laughy in general (not necessarily a good sign...even though it's super cute)! She had a great session of OT and she's just been a complete sweetie all day! Praying for more good days for my girl! 

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