Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ugh, bad days

The bad days are back and WAY too soon this time (only 4 good days since her last bad streak)! Reagan slept well last night but woke up this morning with a scowl on her face. She seemed to be having tummy pains that would come in waves all morning but as the day went on they became more constant. She's been holding her pee for days now (only having a couple of wet diapers a day), but after talking with her pediatrician, we're pretty sure it's a poo issue! She's backed up and that's causing her to hold her urine. So I helped her go but it didn't seem to give her much relief. We spoke to her doctor again and he suggested giving her pureed prunes through her tube. So we did that and we also gave her a liquid glycerin (pedialax) suppository. That really did the trick! She immediately relaxed and went and seemed to get major relief! Poor girl! That tummy is always giving her problems! She slept for a while after that but still woke up crying once more. It's been a rough day. Thankfully alternating the clonidine/Lortab seemed to calm her and help her sleep it off. I'm hoping this is just an isolated bad day and that she'll wake up tomorrow feeling much improved. Poor girl! Please say some extra prayers for her!

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