Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Throw ups and ultrasound

Reagan did not sleep well last night. She woke up shortly after we laid her down, but went back to sleep with clonidine. She woke up again around 4am fussing, I tried to settle her down but she was just escalating! Kicking the side of her bed over and over...thankfully it's padded! Finally I had to pick her back up and put her in her chair. She fell back to sleep after some Lortab. This morning she and her brother were both up and at em before I woke up! Reagan was obviously a little nauseous and had a couple throw ups. We decided to attempt to finally get her in for that abdominal ultrasound. It was more sporadic nausea (not nearly as bad as it can get), but it was enough to warrant the ultrasound. We were able to get an appt so we rushed in at 10am. Reagan did really well with it, you could tell she was uncomfortable laying down, but she powered through it and never actually got sick during the procedure. She threw up a couple more times after we got home and never did well with laying down (diaper changes). Tonight she's back in her chair again. I'm going to switch her over to pedialyte tonight just to give her tummy a rest! Hopefully she'll be better by morning!  Please keep her in your prayers! 


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, hope they found something and can make these bad days go away!

the Grandma said...

Hang in there my Princess!! Grandma is on her way! I will be there when you wake up on Saturday and I will chase all the "BAD" away!!!!! I love you!!!