Monday, December 2, 2013

Sweet but no Santa

Reagan had another good day today. She was still very crunchy with hands in her hair nonstop! She was also very sweaty...especially on her back (definitely some temperature regulation issues going on)! But she sure was super sweet and smiley! Grandma and I made a run to the outlet mall in San Marcos (with brother) to get a dresser/tables for our master unfortunately we did NOT have time to see Santa today! I don't think it was Reagan's best day for Santa anyway because of the crunching! We might have had a hard time getting her to sit up straight so we could see her beautiful face! And that's very important! She also wasn't a huge fan of people talking around her, so that probably wouldn't have been good in a crowded noisy mall! Hopefully we'll be able to find the PERFECT day to take her and get really good pics like last year's!! Praying for more good days for our girl!

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