Thursday, December 12, 2013

Santa at last

Reagan woke up this morning smiley, so we knew we were on for Santa! She was a little crunchy (with hands in the hair a lot), but she wasn't having much chorea so that's good. She had an early session of PT, which was perhaps one of her best PT sessions yet (with this therapist anyway). She had great head control and was making great eye contact, but she was getting a little vocal at times (especially when we were talking). After therapy we got her and her brother into their "Santa clothes" and then loaded up and headed to the mall! When we got there, there were 5 families in line, so we just got in line to wait. Reagan immediately started getting vocal and kooky and I knew we were in trouble! We put her noise cancelling headphones on and I went to the front and spoke to them about us bypassing the line. They were very nice about it and they got us in right away...talking to Santa and giving him a heads up of the situation. Everyone was great...Santa held her for a bit while we got her brother out (I wasn't sure if he was going to have a major meltdown about going to Santa...he is very clingy with mommy and usually won't go to anyone)! The second I put him on Santa's lap, he melted into him and wouldn't lift his head off his shoulder! He wanted to sleep on Santa! Reagan was a little over excited and Ryan was just the opposite...Santa had his hands full! It definitely wasn't my favorite Santa picture...and we may give it another try next week in their other red "Santa outfits"...but they didn't turn out terrible. Reagan had a good rest of her day. She got a little overexcited/agitated at times (and even shed a few tears tonight) but each time she snapped out of it and I really think some tummy pains were causing the discomfort! Tonight she insisted on being held and even though I got nothing done, I enjoyed more snuggle time with my girl! Hoping she'll sleep it off tonight and wake up and give us another good day tomorrow!!

This is more of what we were dealing with! (Of course we forgot to put Reagan's shoes on and I left Ryan's shoes that matched at home, so he had to wear some that were in my car!)