Thursday, December 5, 2013


It's been an AWFUL day for my girl! Just awful! She slept OK, but woke up squirmy and tense. The crying didn't start immediately, I got up with her before 7, but it was clear she was "off". Right around 9:30am she started crying and then never stopped. She cried nearly every waking moment today. Those miserable, gut wrenching cries (turning purple from holding her breath)...nothing soothed her, nothing took the edge off. We tried Imitrex again (the migraine med), and this time we saw no response (even at double the last dose). We finally resorted to Lortab and that helped a little. She'd doze every now and then but an hour was about the longest stretch. It was a loooong day....and night. She actually got a little worse tonight. She was awake for a longer period of time and very upset. Grabbing and pulling at her hair, biting on her hands (and gnashing her teeth together), kicking and flailing nonstop! After fighting her for hours, I gave her a dose of clonidine and she FINALLY dozed off!! Praying she'll stay asleep and wake up much improved tomorrow!!

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