Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nauseous again

I'm not sure exactly how much Reagan slept last night. She was exhausted but not falling asleep on her own. She did finally doze off (in her chair) after a dose of clonidine, and then we all dozed off! I never heard a peep from her all night but when I woke up this morning, she was wide awake and kicking around (just quiet). That pretty much sums up her day today...quiet but still agitated. Still very tense, lots of chorea, super cold hands/feet, and nauseous...but quiet. Thursday she cried all day, Friday she moaned/whined, and then today even though she was obviously still not feeling well, she was quiet. Poor girl. Tiny improvements each day (except for the addition of nausea today) steps. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better. I'm just hoping she can sleep tonight despite the nausea. I tried giving her Lortab and Clonidine today in hopes of getting her to sleep it off but neither worked in the least! She's still wiping at her face a lot, so her poor little nose is all red again! Like rudolph! Speaking of, I'm still working on my Christmas decorations. With the recent drop in temperatures, I've stopped decorating outside but there's still lots to do inside. We have our tree up but it's still bare. Truthfully I'm afraid what Ryan is going to do to it once it's decorated! Without decorations, he's not paying much attention to it at all. But Reagan has a Christmas tree in her therapy room and he keeps trying to swipe ornaments off it, so it's definitely going to be an ongoing battle! We've got boxes of Christmas decorations sitting in our hall just waiting to be my spare time! Hopefully we'll eventually get everything up! Please say some big prayers that my girl turns this around! She needs some sleep and the nausea needs to hit the road!

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