Sunday, December 8, 2013

Horrible relentless nausea

It's been another really awful day for my girl! REALLY awful! She did not sleep much last night. We were up with her off and on all night! She slept very little and the nausea just got worse as the night and the day went on. The gagging and retching turned into full on throwing up...big throw ups and lots of them! It was painful to watch! We all felt helpless. We switched her over to pedialyte, which didn't help the nausea but maybe helped replenish some of what had been coming up. She needed to sleep! Tried clonidine, tried Lortab...nothing would help her sleep! She was exhausted! Her nose was rubbed raw (way redder than yesterday)...Mike figured out a way to strap her arm down tonight so she couldn't rub at it any more! Finally around 10:30pm tonight and what felt like an eternity of nausea, she dozed off on her own! Prayers answered! Now I'm just praying she'll sleep all night and wake up a new girl tomorrow (with no sign of nausea)!!

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Diane said...

Oh poor Reagan! That sounds horrible, just miserable- hoping she can sleep some of it off and feel better soon!