Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Great day, sweetest girl

Reagan had a GREAT day today! She slept in and then woke up on her own around 11am. She has been SO darling. Very sweet and smiley. Still a little coughy at times but I still think her throat is recovering from all of those bad days! Her hands and feet are still a wee bit cold, but not so much clammy, and her back gets a little sweaty at times but not crazy wet. Other than that, she's been 100%! She had vision therapy and OT today and both went really well. Tonight (after brother went to bed), I got some nice cuddle time with her and we worked on the Christmas tree a bit (just a bit because I couldn't find any of the hooks/hangers)! Holding her tonight, she was so wide eyed and smiley...I wish she could feel this good every day! Definitely thinking Santa tomorrow if she wakes up feeling this good!

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