Friday, December 27, 2013

A little better

Reagan woke up several times last night fussing, but I was able to get her back to sleep with the help of medicine. She was still very irritable when she woke up this morning. She did not want to be messed with at all. She didn't want us near her at all (even just giving her medicines upset her) and she really hated diaper changes (thankfully she's back to having a normal amount of pee diapers today). Then around lunch time she dozed off and woke up feeling much better. She no longer seemed to mind us interacting with her but she still wasn't a fan of diaper changes! She was still very tense and having a lot of chorea but her hands and feet are not cold and clammy any more and she seems to be feeling a lot better. Hopefully by tomorrow she'll be even better! I'm hoping she skips the nausea this go round! Please continue to keep her in your prayers! 

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