Monday, December 16, 2013

Bad day

Reagan was a little restless again last night. Her pump went off around 2am. I didn't hear it until Mike went in and was having trouble with it. The tubing (inside the back pack) was kinked, thankfully all of the beeping didn't wake her up. A few hours later, she kept moving around and fussing but never opened her eyes. I knew right then and there we were going to be in trouble today! She woke up around 9am and she was NOT happy. A lot of moaning/fussing/crying. We were able to get her to settle down with a dose of Lortab. We actually had to stagger Lortab and clonidine all day and that helped to relieve some of her pain (sometimes it doesn't do a thing, but today it seemed to help). When it started wearing off, she'd wake up crying. Tonight I noticed she would gasp as if she were having sudden bursts of sharp pain! She didn't really have any awake time today where she didn't seem miserable! Poor girl! It's only been a week since her last bad cycle! This was way too soon! Praying she last a longer stretch of good days next go round and ends up having a merry Christmas! Please keep her in your prayers that she gets over this quickly!! These days are so rough on her! :(

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