Friday, December 6, 2013

Another rotten one

Reagan did not sleep much last night, and the crying continued, so let's just say it was a miserable night for the two of us! She'd doze off for 30min to an hour only to wake back up crying once more! She did NOT want to be held, as she demonstrated by kicking, flailing, and biting when I would pick her up! It literally took all I had to just hang onto her! It's amazing the strength this little girl has! So needless to say, with that kind of night she did not wake up well rested and feeling better! It's been another rotten day for my girl! She's sleeping less than she did yesterday (unfortunately). The chorea is out of control (she can't stop moving for even a second), she's grinding her teeth, and she's been moaning and had this high pitched whine all day. Plus the occasional full blown cry...let me tell you, it's no party over here! Speech came by and actually got her to calm down a little by squeezing things she would put in front of her! OT came too and was able to soothe her enough with steady pressure to her tummy to get her to fall asleep! It didn't last long, but every bit of rest she can get is appreciated. She's definitely better today than yesterday, but not by much! Praying for sleep and a huge turnaround tomorrow! It really is unbearable to watch her suffer like this!

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Anonymous said...

I hope Reagan had a better day. It sounds terrible - I can only imagine what your family goes through. Please know I pray for Reagan each day.