Saturday, December 21, 2013

All is calm

Reagan was up again most (if not all) of the night last night. This morning she still did not want to be messed with. She was very fussy! She was coughy/chokey...I think her throat was at its worst today! (I know what that feels like! Kinda like broken glass!) We were desperate to calm her but nothing was working (there were even talks of a visit to the ER if she didn't improve in the next day or so). She didn't want to be touched or even looked at! We tried clonidine, Lortab, ibuprofen...nothing was giving her much relief! Finally we tried Toradol (at palliative care's recommendation). I gave it to her at 11am and she finally dozed off in her chair at 12:50. That was almost two hours later, so I'm skeptical that it was the medicine, I think something just finally clicked and her body was able to rest! She's been out ever since! We transferred her to bed and she didn't move a muscle! Hopefully she can sleep long enough to let the antibiotics work! Please continue to keep our girl in your prayers! She needs some good restful days!

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