Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Merry Christmas for my girl!

Reagan slept last night but she was still a little restless (like the night before)! She woke up and was talking a little early for my liking...maybe she was excited about Santa coming?!?! We did stockings shortly after waking up. I wish I would have taken pictures...Santa really goes all out with the stockings! Giant 3-4fts stockings  stuffed full with all kinds of gifts and candy! We waited til almost noon to do presents until my sister and her husband (and dogs) arrived. Lots of unwrapping! Reagan got a big foam bean bag chair (not as big as the one from before that was too big, but big enough for her to kick around on)! It's a cordaroy...a very neat concept. We found it online and then later saw it on shark tank! The inner bag can be removed and flattened out as a mattress! It's super comfy and we can even sit in it with her! She also got lots of things for her room, dolls, and clothes. Ryan got plenty of toys and clothes as well! Afterward we played games, took ugly Christmas sweater pics, and then went over to Mikes sister's house for dinner. Reagan stayed behind with grandma, she's been a little sensitive today, but Ryan enjoyed all of the noise and commotion with his cousins! By the time we got home, it was past Ryan's bedtime. We put him to sleep and then we had some snuggle time with our girl! She's been a little sensitive today and keeps getting a sweaty back and cold clammy feet/hands. Still struggling with urine retention and hasn't pooped in days. Not sure when she's gonna sort these things out! Praying for a good nights sleep tonight and so very thankful for a good Christmas for my girl!

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Merry Christmas!