Sunday, November 24, 2013

So precious!

Reagan has been a sweetie again today! She woke up a little early again, but nothing too terrible. She's been ridiculously sweet today! So precious and so wonderful. I was holding her tonight and she honestly couldn't have been more sweet or precious! I kept thinking that I wanted to take a picture of her just grinning ear to ear at me, but I know that the camera couldn't have even attempted to show just how darling she really was! Still a little kooky vocal at times (like when she's annoyed with us talking or when her brother or the tv is too loud)! Hands and feet are still cold off and on, but her back wasn't sweating wet today so that's good! I'm hoping and praying she'll hold on and continue having good days! More importantly, I'm praying that she has a good day tomorrow (Monday)! An awesome day, really! Because she's got a communication evaluation with the Tobii rep tomorrow at 1:30! We need her to be "on"!! Please keep her in your prayers, we really need to find a way for her to communicate with us!!

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