Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sleeping Cutie

Reagan slept well last night and then this morning...she just kept sleeping!!! She slept and slept and slept! We even went in and changed her diaper at 10:45am (which usually wakes her every time), but no, she stretched a little and then kept sleeping! She didn't wake up until 3:30pm, and that may have only been because her nurse was giving her medicine! She woke up happy though and just in time for OT! Her therapist did a lot of floor work with her (since she had been in bed all day), and she did really well with it. Tonight she was a little excitable. A little amped up and kooky (maybe because she had been saving up her energy all day)! There were a couple of times that it seemed she might escalate into craziness, but she held it together and eventually fell asleep on my lap (without medication)! I took her to bed and she's still asleep! Hopefully she has a good night's sleep, despite sleeping most of the day..it usually (thankfully) doesn't affect her night's sleep!

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Clarissa said...

Just catching up with you all now that I'm starting to feel better! Praying all is well today! God bless!