Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bad day, but could've been worse!

Reagan slept the whole night through last night in her chair and she was still asleep this morning when we all got up! We tippy toed around her, but she did eventually wake up around 9:30am. When she woke, she was still noticeably agitated. She didn't cry, but she did fuss when we came near her (just to give her medications or try to pull her hair out of her face). When we picked her up to change her diaper, she was even more upset. She cried for a bit, but eventually settled back down. I decided to try the lidocaine 5% patch her PM&R doctor prescribed her. I really had no idea where to place it. Something is obviously bothering her on days like this, but we still really have no idea what! I've heard many mito patients talk about leg pain (and she does kick around a lot on bad days), so I cut two big portions of it to put on her upper thighs. Then I put the remaining strip on the back on her neck (for head/neck pain). She did doze off about 15-30min after applying the patch, so maybe it did help. Who knows. The piece on the back of her neck didn't want to stick (because of her hair), so we had to add some extra tape just to keep it on. I do think her head hurts (I'm not sure whether or not it's an actual migraine), but just trying to pull her hair back, she freaks out!! She's been dozing off and throughout the day. When she was awake, she was still very agitated and does NOT want to be messed with. She was supposed to have a GI follow up today, but I called them and they agreed that it would be more stress on her than it's worth, so the doctor is supposed to call me tomorrow. Tonight she was already showing some improvement. She didn't seem to mind us being near her and she even tolerated her brother's squeals and craziness! She even dozed off on her own! Praying she sleeps well and wakes up feeling much better tomorrow!

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