Monday, November 25, 2013

Tobii a go!

Reagan woke up this morning very tense and wanting to cry! She had a lot of gas and a poop, so I think that helped to relieve some of the pain she was having! She was still on edge, but we managed to distract her and keep her calm until the Tobii eyegaze rep got here! Both Reagan's speech therapist and OT rearranged their schedules to be here and while it wasn't Reagan's best day for therapy, she still did well enough with it to warrant a trial! We think with a little customization and practice, this might be something that could work well for her! We'll see!! We should probably get it to trial mid the meantime her therapists are going to work with her on making choices with her eyes (opposed to using her hands). The rest of the afternoon was pretty low key. Just trying to keep her from getting too excited/agitated. Tonight she was noticeably on edge...lots of chorea and finger chewing. I tried holding her, but she was not comfortable being held. She definitely preferred her chair and even fell asleep there! Sweet girl!

It doesn't get more beautiful than that!

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Elizabeth said...

Sweet girl! Thrilled that this system might be a go for you- praying it works out for R!