Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Late thanksgiving post! Each morning waking up and running into Reagan's room to see what kind of day my girl will be's like Christmas morning (only half the time you get coal instead of presents)!! Thankfully this morning our girl woke up sweet! She actually had a good day today! She's been giggly, sweet, and smiley! Who would have guessed?!?! Definitely an answer to prayers!! (She did poop on her own for the second day in a maybe that helped a little!) Lots of cooking today for our at home Thanksgiving feast for two (plus nurse)! Way more than we could eat, that's for sure! Reagan and I never got out of our pjs all day (one bonus to not going anywhere)! We had a good day, good food, and bonding time for our little family! Hope everyone else had a good one too!

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Diane said...

So glad she had a good day! We love T-Day in Pj's too! :-) (for me, maybe the elastic waistband or drawstring to offer room? )

As usual I made too much! Derek,Sara and I will be eating leftovers for the next 3 days! (Abby cannot eat most leftovers.)

Warming up and the sun is out- fingers crossed another good day ahead for Reagan!