Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy, happy, happy

Reagan was restless again last night. She got crazier after the Clonidine and then settled down after the Lortab. She slept but woke up laughing and then just kept laughing all day long. While we do like laughs, and she does appear to be happy, there is a strong hint of crazy to these laughs so you just have to be careful with her when she's like this! She was good all day, had two good dirty diapers (both of which I had to help her go), and spent another relaxing day downstairs on the couch (still waiting for the paint smell to go away). Daddy hung her swing today! Yeah!! I didn't know if it was going to happen! There is a tiny crawl space in our attic up among the AC ducts. It's really way too small for Mike to be crawling up there (and he really had no desire to go up there), but I told him the only thing I wanted for my anniversary (tomorrow) and my birthday (Thursday) was for him to hang Reagan's swing!! So he risked life and limb today (or at the very least he risked falling through the ceiling) to get Reagan's swing up and running, which is going to make Reagan, Ryan, and me very happy!! Unfortunately, tonight Reagan did escalate. She went from laughing, to quiet with an agitated look on her face, to crying! I managed to calm her down, but this is not good. Her hands and feet have been ice cold and clammy and with her sleeping pattern being off and the laughing today, well, we know where this is most likely headed. I sure wish I would have already filled the medications the new doctor prescribed last week! Please keep her in your prayers! Maybe she can hold out at least one more day so that we can have a good anniversary tomorrow! Lucky number 13!


Jamie said...

Paint smell is could be worse smells! Swing is Awesome! I would hate to hear of any falls thru he ceiling! LOL

Jennifer said...

Happy early Anniversary! Sorry I wasn't able to make it over today to see the new paint color. I heard it looks great though!