Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dental appt and snuggles

Reagan slept well again last night, not waking up until we went in to change her diaper at 10am! We encouraged her to wake up because she had PT and a representative from the school system coming at 10:30am. She woke happy though and was a super sweet and smiley girl! She did well with therapy (despite just waking up) and then speech came shortly thereafter. She did well for that too! She's really been a super star lately when it comes to therapy! Then we had to take her in to Dell Children's for her dental appt. We dropped brother off with Grandpa (so much easier to not have him yelling in my ear when I'm trying to talk to doctors) and drove in for the 3pm appt. We were early, but they were not. We waited a while in a crowded office and then were finally taken back. They didn't have any of her records from Houston so we had to go through all of her medical/dental history, but I was pleasantly surprised with the dentist. She was very sweet (nice to finally see a dentist with some personality...her dentist in Houston had the personality of a mortician) and she was very pleased with Reagan's teeth. She did say that if she undergoes another procedure with anesthesia in the future (MRI, endoscopy, etc...) she would like to do a through cleaning and x-rays at the same time...but for now everything looked good. She put some fluoride on her teeth (which they never did at TX Children's) and we were on our way! She fell asleep in the car on the way home (we were stuck in lots of traffic) but woke as soon as we got back! She was a sweetie the rest of the night, snuggling with mommy...I love this girl! We've all been a little sneezy, runny, coughy lately. Not sure if it's just allergies or something else, but it sure hasn't dampened my sweet girl's spirit! So thankful for these sweet snuggly days!

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