Monday, June 24, 2013

Uncooperative body

It was a rough night last night! I went to bed right around 1am and Reagan woke up at 2 crying. Mike got up with her, but she was not falling back to sleep! I got up and gave her a dose of Lortab and eventually she did go back to sleep. She woke again at 4am crying. I moved her into her chair and she seemed to settle down and fell back to sleep. Both she and her brother woke up early though, so I'm pretty exhausted today. Our morning wasn't any more relaxing! Grandma was cutting some shrubs and broke a branch off, slitting both of her hands open! I had to take her to urgent care where they gave her 3 stitches in one had and 4 in the other! Then, only 15min after getting home, I ran out to my car to get a box and I found a big snake right behind my car! If I hadn't seen it, I would have surely stepped on it when opening my car! Scary! Just as we armed ourselves with shovels, he retreated behind some paint cans. I called Mike and he drove home from work and killed it for us! We thought it was a copperhead, but Mike now thinks it's a bull snake. The markings definitely resembled that of a bull snake, but I remember it having a triangular head characteristic of a venomous snake. Who knows. I'm just happy it's dead!! Lots of drama today! Reagan had an OK day. Her mood was improved, but her body was out of control! Tons of movement. Kicking around nonstop, rubbing her nose, hands in her mouth! Poor girl. Her body was SO tense!! She was extending like crazy, making it almost impossible to hold her! And sweating profusely on her back. Poor girl...I sure hope she can get some rest tonight! She needs it!

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