Friday, June 21, 2013

Turn for the worse

Almost forgot to do the blog!! Reagan had a good day today for the most part. She slept OK last night and then was smiley again this morning. Still clammy hands, chewing on her fingers a lot. I was looking at her this afternoon and noticed she was missing another tooth! Her right upper lateral incisor has been loose for a while, but she must have finally given it a good enough yank today! I found it laying on the floor under her swing! As the day went on, she was definitely getting more tense and easily excitable. We gave her a bath but then tonight she took a turn for the worse! Lots of crying. I was able to hold her for a while and she actually was semi calm...even acting like she wanted to laugh! Poor sweet girl! The Lortab didn't seem to do anything but the Clonidine did finally help her fall asleep but shes already back awake and crying again! :( It's going to be a long night!!Please keep our girl on your prayers!

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