Saturday, June 15, 2013

Too soon for tears

Reagan slept well last night...we all slept well last night! Daddy came home from his business trip last night and Grandpa left this morning, so it was back to business as usual today. Reagan was doing well this morning, she seemed pretty laid back (although she's back to putting her hands her mouth today). But as the day went on, she got more tense. Maybe it was her brother's crying, maybe it was the tile guy grinding tiles and making noise...but she was moved to tears several times today! Wasn't a fan of us talking, or of the loud television. We were supposed to go to her cousin's birthday party today, but we ended up sending brother and Daddy instead. There's no way she could have handled all of the chaos of a children's birthday party today! So we had some quiet time while the boys were was nice. She seemed better this afternoon/tonight. Maybe it was because I helped her poop and her tummy was finally feeling better, who knows. She did have a slight low grade fever (99.6) early this afternoon, but it went away by tonight. Hopefully she gets a good night's sleep tonight and wakes up tomorrow a happy girl for Father's Day!

Watching cartoons this morning


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