Monday, June 10, 2013

Tense today, crying tonight

Reagan was restless again last night. She was kicking around a lot...I have no idea how much sleep she actually got. This morning she was asleep, but laying completely sideways in her bed! She woke up in a good mood, so once again I breathed a sigh of relief. Good, is a little bit of an exaggeration, but she was OK. About the same as yesterday, still on edge, body super tense, lots of face rubbing (her poor little nose is all red), hands in the mouth, etc... She definitely got more tense as the day went on....whimpering and little moans that make me think her tummy was bothering her. From about 5-8pm it got worse. I tried giving her a dose of Lortab. Nothing! Then at 8, the crying started! Serious crying. Gut wrenching crying, with tears streaming down her face. My poor sweet girl! I gave her clonidine and again, nothing! The tears continued to flow! She was SO could tell something was hurting her! She was acting a little nauseous, so I tried draining her tummy. She did have some fluid and air in there, not a ton, but enough. Shortly thereafter, she dozed off. She was very restless and kept moving around but she stayed asleep for a bit. Then she woke up and was moving around again (and acting nauseous again) but thankfully not crying. I was nervous to move her at all, but decided I needed to get her upright, so I put her in her chair and she dozed back off. No idea what to expect for the rest of the night (or tomorrow for that matter), but I pray that she can get some rest and wake up feeling better! Please keep our girl in your prayers.

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