Monday, June 3, 2013


Reagan slept well last night, but both she and her brother were wide awake and ready to get up by 7am! She's been a sweet girl today...but still not super smiley. Her hands are still cold and clammy and she was a little burpy/chokey at times (reflux?)...but overall pretty good. She does have this huge bite on her arm though. I first noticed it Friday night (it just looked like a small little bump...I couldn't even tell if it was a bite or scratch at first). Then Saturday it was huge and red and looked very much like a bug bite. Sunday it was even bigger and had a white ring in it. And now today it is less swollen but still has a hard bump in the middle and the outer edge has spread out a little. I think it's just her "normal" response to a mosquito bite...she is SO sensitive! Ryan has a 15mo well baby check up tomorrow, so we're just going to take her in to get checked out as well (and it's time for her EPI-743 bloodwork). So, other than the bug bite, it's been a pretty good day for my girl. She had vision/OT and school (this is her last week) and did great with those. She's still not giving Grandma any laughs, but she'll just have to settle for sweetness!

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