Thursday, June 20, 2013

Smiley, tense, with a side of nausea

Reagan slept, but was still pretty restless last night. She woke up this morning, still sweet and smiley, but her body has been pretty tense and she's moving a lot more (very kicky and constantly chewing on her fingers). She did well with her therapies today, OT fed her this morning (among other things) and then after PT she stood in her stander for an hour! Tonight she was a little more easily excitable (she would vocalize, not fuss, but you could tell she was on the edge). Not a fan of talking (or yelling at the basketball game)! Then she started making a lot of mouth movements and gagged/retched a couple times. I don't like that at all! I tried draining her tummy, but nothing at all came out. Earlier I did have to help her go to the bathroom (going on her own just isn't happening much lately), but she had a lot in there, so I was hoping she might have some relief. It definitely looks like we're headed in the wrong direction right now, but hopefully I'm wrong! Please keep her in your prayers!

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