Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last day of school

Reagan woke up last night around 2am, so her night nurse picked her up and she fell back to sleep. She tried to lay her back down, but she woke up the second she moved, so she just held her. She woke again around 6am with a huge poop! She had two more before 7:30am! And then one more before 10am! That's FOUR! And let me tell you, after that fourth one she really lit up and was smiley...she had to have been feeling SO much better! She's actually had a really good day today (although hands and feet are still cold and clammy)! She's been super sweet and smiley! She had OT this morning and then speech at noon. She really enjoyed eating some Hawaiian Delight smoothie baby food...she gobbled it right up! Then this afternoon she had her last session of school with her beloved teacher Mrs. Rose. Boy are we going to miss her (and all the cute hand art she did with Reagan)! School is officially out! Party!! Not really. Not a lot of changes to our girl's schedule!

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