Thursday, June 13, 2013


Reagan slept fairly well last night...even though most of it wasn't in her bed! She woke up at 2am and the night nurse picked her up and held her, and she fell back asleep and slept til 6am on her lap. She laid her down in her therapy room and she slept there til right around 8:30am or so. She woke up quiet but very serious. She seemed to perk up a bit as the day went on. She had OT this morning and then PT this afternoon and she did well with both. Then this afternoon we took advantage of the fact that Grandpa was visiting and we took the kids swimming (in our neighbors pool)! Reagan had been a little sensitive/easily startled all day, so I didn't really think about how she might be affected by the wet and the wind until we were already in the pool. It took her a while to relax and she did not seem to be a fan of her neck floatie at all today (WaterWayBabies)...she kept acting like it was choking her. So I just took it off and held her most of the time. Ryan, on the other hand, loved the neck floatie. He was swimming all around with that thing! Of course, his favorite thing to do was trying to climb up the side of the spa. Thankfully, the neck floatie kept him from whacking his head on the edge several times! Now, we do need to come up with a better solution for Reagan, since we're hoping to get her in the pool a lot this summer. There are two other options I have heard about and while they look similar, there is a huge difference in price! One is the Kiefer pediatric swim collar ($40) and the other is the Danmar aquatic head float ($100+). Reagan does have a Danmar hensinger collar (which she has rarely ever used), but we've never tried the float. I'm not sure which is best, or if there is even a difference, but I think I need to make a decision soon because the waterway babies float is not cutting it for her anymore! I also need to get her a special needs swim diaper, because the size 6 pampers splashers swim diapers just aren't working either! Poor girl had a huge wedgie the whole time!! I've found a few options for these...Amazon has some, Etsy, and so does e-Special Needs. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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