Friday, June 14, 2013

OK but a little on edge

Reagan had a bit of a rocky start to sleep last night. She fell asleep but then woke up full out crying around 12:45am. I was still up so I ran in there, but she had calmed down and was quiet by the time I got in there. She was awake but quiet, so her night nurse picked her up and held her. She did fall back to sleep, but her night nurse continued holding her for a while. Not sure what it was that caused the crying. She woke up this morning calm and quiet. She's been very still all day today. No hands in the mouth, not a lot of movement period. Very unlike her. She had PT this morning and vision this afternoon. Overall she was good today, but she did have several instances where she was a little easily agitated. There were a few times that she started crying when we were talking amongst ourselves (she hates that). And then tonight she seemed to be having tummy pains (and it's been a few days since she's gone potty), so I helped her and sure enough...she was clenching it in! Poor thing. That's got to hurt her tummy! I'm hoping she feels better tomorrow, but at this point I have no idea what to expect this weekend. Please keep our girl in your prayers!!

Sleeping in a little this morning

So still...those hands never hang down by her side like that!

Asleep on mommy tonight

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