Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From laughing to crying

Reagan had a good night's sleep last night. She woke around 6am this morning and she was all laughs! She did get her night nurse with an overflowing wet diaper, so maybe that's why she was laughing! I was so happy to see her awake and happy, but you just never know with these laughs (they can go from happy to sad in seconds)! Then right around 10:30am her tone changed. She started getting a little fussy and then the tears started! She kept making little grunting noises that made us suspect she needed to go potty. I had to help her, but boy did she go! And then she surprised us with another waterfall of pee! What a mess!! She was still very fussy, so I gave her a dose of Lortab. Her speech therapist came and she held her and worked her magic on her and she fell asleep. That didn't last long and she woke back up shortly after she left. Her nurse held her in the rocking chair and finally Reagan was able to doze off. And she continued sleeping for 3hrs!! When she woke, she woke with the laughs again (better than the cries). She laughed the rest of the afternoon but just as the nurse was leaving for the day, you could tell she was getting more on edge. I gave her some Lortab, but it didn't prevent the tears. The crying started back up around 7pm and lasted until I gave her some clonidine. She finally dozed back off laying on her Daddy (it was amazing she could sleep with all his snoring)!! Right now she's sound asleep in her bed...hopefully she stays that way and gets the rest she needs! Praying for a better day tomorrow for my girl!

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