Sunday, June 23, 2013

Better but still on edge

Soooo tired...this is going to be a short one. Reagan had a better day today. She's still not her happy self, but she didn't cry (fussed a little), which is a big improvement. She was still very much on edge today and did not want to be touched again! Hated having her diaper changed, still not a huge fan of Mommy! Not a huge fan of her brother's screaming either! None of us are! I'm not sure what Ryan's problem was today, but he threw several temper tantrums and he was by far the most difficult he's ever been! It might be time to call Super Nanny! But at the same time, he would have moments when he'd just go sit in the therapy room and watch The Cat in the Hat and he would be as good as gold! What are we going to do with this boy?!?! Praying for some improved days for my girl this next week and maybe Grandma will even get a few smiles before she leaves!

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