Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tense but OK

I think Reagan slept well last night. She was awake and kicking around when I woke up this I hope she slept! She woke up in a fairly good mood. She had the crazy laughs all morning. She was definitely on edge...kicking around like crazy, chewing on her hands, and her temperature regulation was way off...but she held it together. This afternoon we went to a birthday party for her cousin and there were some tense moments, but she was OK. Ryan seemed to enjoy all the kids running around...Reagan could have done without all the noise. Tonight she continued with the laughs. It seemed like she was never going to get sleepy...she was still going strong at 11:30pm! Finally she started looking groggy with the help of clonidine. Hopefully she can get some sleep...I know her body must be exhausted.

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