Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sweet girl

Reagan slept well last night, she started moving around at 5am so her night nurse picked her up and she fell back asleep in her arms. She woke up sweet and smiley again today. Still very calm and oh so cuddly! Her brother was up crying a lot last night. Not sure what's going on with him. Several nights ago he had two consecutive nights that he slept the whole night through, then he had a night where he woke up three times, and then another night where he slept the whole night through (I was hoping we were finally making some progress)! Then last night he woke up a few times super upset and was very difficult to get back down and then tonight he's already woken up crying once. Ugh. We take one step forward and two steps back! Anywho, I was so tired this morning, I didn't hear my phone ring at 5am! Let me just tell you, it's never a good thing when the nursing agency is calling you at the crack of dawn! Our nurse called in sick (for the second Thursday in a row). They didn't have anyone to fill in, but they would call around. At first I was very worried, because Ryan threw a fit and was screaming (right before the night nurse left) and Reagan started fussing and getting agitated! I took Ryan away and brought him back calm a couple minutes later, and thankfully Reagan was good the rest of the day! This morning was busy with therapy...she had OT at 9am and Speech at 10am. She did really well for both. OT had another great session with her and she's just loving her being so relaxed! We have been putting her dynamic AFOs on her each morning for an hour (today we did 2) and she's not fighting them at all and they are really helping to settle her leg movements down and keep her still and relaxed. During Speech she ate a half a container of oatmeal with mixed fruit...again, she's impressed with how well Reagan is doing. Then she had some time to relax and the nursing agency sent out a nurse to fill the second half of the day. Reagan had PT at 2 and her therapist kept saying how this is the best she's ever seen her! Afterward she put on her AFOs and Reagan stood in her stander for an hour. She really has been such a good girl. She's still putting her hands in her mouth a lot...that poor left pointer finger is really red from getting gnawed on nonstop! Her hands and feet have been cold and clammy and tonight she sweat through the back of her top! Other than that, she's great! Brother has been a handful, but what's new. I ran to the pharmacy today and while sitting in the drive thru Ryan coughed once and then proceeded to throw up all over himself and his carseat! I don't know if it's just because he's got some sinus drainage (he's been sneezing here and there) or if it's something else. Hopefully nothing. He's also really picked back with the biting lately. What can I say...he's trouble.

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