Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sleepy day

Reagan had a sleepy day today. She woke up this morning but only was awake for a short while before dozing back off again. She slept in her chair for a few hours and then we realized she wasn't going to wake back up, so we moved her into her bed. She'd move around here and there, but she never opened her eyes. Then finally around 6:30pm she started moving around and she opened those big beautiful eyes! She was sweet, but a little kooky. She almost got a little too excited when we were facetiming Grandma! She's still got a bit of a runny nose. Tonight (and last night) I noticed a little redness in her face, right around her neck and chin. It looks almost like a rash or allergic reaction, but she hasn't had anything unusual, and I keep noticing it at the same time each night. Not sure what that's about. I also decided to just hold steady at 27.5kcal/oz on her formula. I was supposed to increase it again last night, but I think we'll go another week or two at this concentration. We weighed her last night and she's gone from 38lbs to 41lbs since the increase, so I don't think we need to rush it. Ryan has been a piece of work today! Very fussy. Lots of crying. I'm not sure if it's just his teeth bothering him or if it's a cold. He's still got runny nose (but that could be from the teething), but he's also been coughing a little today. Poor boy. He does not handle sickness well!

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