Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sleepy and on edge

Reagan slept like a log last night. She woke up this morning right at 8am, but she did NOT have a smile on her face. Her eye brows were all knitted and she did not look happy in the least! She stayed calm though and made it through OT without any incidences. She dozed off at the end and then proceeded to sleep the entire day! PT came anyway and stretched her (and applied some kinesio tape to my back...thank you) and she kept sleeping. She finally woke up about 5min before the nurse left. Again, no smiles, very serious, very tense. The way she was today reminded me of a bad day only without the crying (it's hard to tell if this is a slightly better bad day or God forbid the prelude to something worse). I gave her some Lortab, but it didn't seem to do anything.  She dozed off 3hrs later at 9pm and she's still asleep now. Hopefully she sleeps off this bad attitude and wakes feeling much better tomorrow! Prayers for my girl are appreciated!

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