Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Silly spitty girl

Sleep was about the same last night for Reagan. She was hesitant to go down and then woke back up around 3am. Her nurse picked her up and held her, and she'd doze here and there, but she never made the transition back to laying down (she had to hold her the whole time). Ryan woke around 6:45am, so I got up with him, and Reagan was awake. She looked tired, but she never fell back to sleep. She dozed off once today, right before speech, but her brother quickly woke her back up. She's been super spitty all day...dripping like a faucet spitty! She used to do this a lot (we would go through many shirts, bibs, and blankets a day), but she hasn't been like this in a while. She didn't really seem nauseous though, so that's good. She also had FOUR dirty diapers today! Craziness! She had two yesterday (which is a lot for her), and then four today! Not really sure what that's about, but at least she's getting it out! She's been very sweet today...lots of laughs...but she's still very tense in her body. I tried to hold her today and it was almost impossible (because she's so stiff and squirmy). Hands in her mouth and hair nonstop. I've made an appt to get her hair cut on Friday. We're going to go back to the short bob for the summer. It gets it out of her face and keeps her from getting her fingers tangled up in it (who knows how much hair she's ripped out and eaten)! Please keep her in your prayers that she continues with the good days, tolerates the increase in calories of her formula, and doesn't lose any more weight!!

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