Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sick brother

Not sure how well my girl slept last night. She was pretty restless...and so was her brother. Unfortunately, brother woke up this morning on the cranky side, running a fever and with a nose running nonstop! Poor thing. You've never seen something so pathetic! I've given him pain reliever off and on all day today. Meanwhile, Reagan has been good, but there are some things that are definitely a bit off with her. Her body has been tense and temperature control has been way off (sweaty back, cold clammy hands and feet). I'm nervous about our photoshoot scheduled late tomorrow afternoon. The photographer specifically said this was the only day available to do it and there would be no rescheduling! Please keep it in your prayers that both kiddos are able to get some sleep tonight and wake up feeling happy and healthy (or healthier) tomorrow!!

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